CSI Companies & Corporates


“It’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me” – Batman

Billions of rands are annually spent in South Africa on Corporate Social Investment Initiatives in the educational sector. Although many of these initiatives have clocked great successes and positive impacts, many fail due to poorly managed projects, funds going missing, a piece-meal approach to CSI projects or any combination hereof. Even more have uncertain achievement because the impact is not measured.

miniMAX's projects however, have consistently proven it's worth its weight in gold with thousands of children, hundreds of educators and numerous schools and communities reaping the benefits of professional arts-based education programmes. miniMAX projects work because:

  1. More than 10 years' experience supported by decades' combined professional know-how of the miniMAX team in schools and arts-based CSI projects.
  2. We have a flawless record in project and financial management.
  3. We have valuable partnerships with schools, corporates and government institutions alike.
  4. The impact of our projects are measured and documented independently.
  5. Our projects' impact are always wide and multi-facetted as it affects:
    • Learners - not only the expert development of dance, drama, music and visual arts, but the imparting of essential life skills like a healthy self-esteem, great teamwork ability and a balanced outlook on life. While children with natural talents are discovered, nurtured and given an opportunity to explore a variety of careers in the arts, all children involved in miniMAX projects experience a great boost in discovering themselves, develop their creative thinking and expression skills which result in marked improvements in academic achievement.
    • Teachers - are included every step of the way and are formally (and informally) equipped to elevate their skills levels through workshops, support material and tools to become not only content experts, but experts in teaching specific subject matter.
    • Schools - consistently report greater cohesion between learners, and learners and teachers, an increased spirit of positivity in the learner and educator bodies as well as better academic results. Schools also has the opportunity to raise funds with showcasing exciting stage productions and raise their reputation and status.
    • Parents and communities - Apart from the obvious benefits of better parent involvement in school matters, miniMAX productions always explore the possible value parents and other community members can add to projects - from assistance with costume and decor design and manufacturing through staging & lighting to producing and co-teaching performing and fine art elements. This means that community stakeholders in schools could also learn valuable skills and receive remuneration for contributions.
  6. Lastly, our projects provide corporate companies with a very real and sensorial impactful showcase of its CSI initiative in the form of a professional production(s). Our productions are regularly booked for corporate and sports events.

Partner with miniMAX to invest in something that really matters and makes quantifiable impact. We are looking forward to partner with you and your clients. Contact us today.