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Are you looking to add something truly special to your next event, activation or commercial? What about world-class on or off stage performances from amateur South African school learners that'll blow your audiences away?

Over the last decade miniMAX Performing Arts have developed and produced hundreds of professional productions involving thousands of very talented youngsters. These productions have been showcased at some of South Africa's top venues and annually the crème de la crème of the artists are selected to form the miniMAX All-Stars - a performance troop that could share the stage with international professionals any day of the week.

You can not only book the miniMAX All-Stars for your event or activity, but request a custom show to be produced just for you. Or you could tap into our database of school productions and request that a school from the community in which your client has stakeholders provide the performers and/or entertainment required.

Moreover, because the ultimate beneficiaries of our offering are students and the schools they attend, a portion of your booking fee are directed back to the schools, many of which are disadvantaged. This makes part of your entertainment expenditure qualify as a CSI or SED initiative.

Read more about the beneficiaries of miniMAX productions here.

See videos or photographs of miniMAX performances.

Contact us today to book a performance that will help to save the world. Which makes you a superhero too.