Parents and Guardians

Did you know that performance art (whether your child has great talent or not) is crucial to the development of young minds and hearts? miniMAX have proven time and again over the last decade that taking part in creative arts benefits every single child. And science agrees. A recent study by the University of California’s Arts Education Partnership has proven that performing arts play a key role in better child development, academic achievement and results in:

  1. Higher academic achievement
  2. Creativity & problem solving
  3. Building confidence and developing self-preservation skills
  4. Allowing a medium for self-expression
  5. Perseverance & dedication
  6. Empathy and compassion

Want Sibongile to do better in math? Enrol her for music classes. Want Jimmy to be a more agile rugby player? Let him take dance lessons. Concerned about how withdrawn Emily gets around her classmates? Have her beat the drum in the school play!

And who knows? Maybe Lerato blossoms into the next big movie director. And you thought she should become an accountant…

Furthermore, miniMAX - whether through a school programme or in private - allows and encourages parents to participate in productions. And if you a particular skills we can use (something technical in staging, décor, costumes, logistics etc.) you could even be a paid supplier!

Contact us to find out more on how we can help you free your child’s superpowers!

See videos or photographs of miniMAX performances.