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Are you looking for a way to make your school's performance art production a more productive affair? Productive as in more. More learner achievement, more positive impact on school morale, more parent involvement, more potential fund raising, more fun.

miniMAX has made it our mission to assist teachers and schools to discover, develop and nurture the powers of young superheroes. We always aim to get as large as possible portion of the student body involved, because although not every child has a future in performing arts, every single child involved benefits – from a healthier self-esteem, the development of great team work skills to a marked improvement in academic accomplishment.

From helping young individuals discover their natural talents, through providing a safe, fun and stimulating environment to learn and express, to professional development of super talents - our impact over the last decade spans the talent development of thousands of learners, the inspiration of and skills transfer to hundreds of teachers and the inclusive empowerment of many schools and communities through the showcasing of amazing productions.

Imagine the thrill of seeing your annual ‘skoolkonsert’ transformed into a theatrical masterpiece showcased at some of South Africa’s top venues!

Best of all, a professional performance has the potential to be a fund raiser as opposed to a expense. Our programme assists schools to market and showcase their productions effectively. miniMAX actively involves teachers, parents and the surrounding community as contributors (even as paid suppliers) of your production. We could even assist in the facilitation of having your production sponsored through our network of corporate partners.

Contact us to learn on how to free your superpowers and unleash your learners on the world as integrated, contributing and responsible citizens!

See videos or photographs of previous miniMAX performances.